Superheroes to the Rescue
22 Apr, 2012. 1 Comment. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

We went cloud crazy last week and this week we are transitioning out of testing week (thank goodness!!) and into a new theme focusing on SUPERHEROES!! We are continuing our study on base words but this time we are adding “er” and “est” to them.

I thought what better way to teach this then to talk about Superheroes?! You know, Batman is strong, Superman is stronger and the Hulk is the STRONGEST!!  Or Robin is fast, Batman is faster but Flash is the fastest.

I made a whole bunch of literacy centers and word work activities for my firsties to use this week and thought you might be interested in some of them!! If you would like to buy the whole packet it’s available now at TpT!! It is full of word hunts, recording sheets, ‘Let’s talk about it’ writing extensions, spelling practice and so much more! Check it out here:

Here is a freebie of some word progressions:

Here is the link if you would like to download it!! http://www.scribd.com/doc/90561226

I hope you have a great week!!

One Comment
  1. JD -

    Superheroes plus learning?? Brilliant!!

1 Comment

  • JD -

    Superheroes plus learning?? Brilliant!!

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