100th day celebration!
5 Jun, 2012. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

Our 100 day celebration was so much fun this year! We made t-shirts with 100 finger prints on them in advance and the students came in happily showing off their creations to the whole school.

When we got upstairs the kids were surprised to see a new addition to our door! They felt like movie stars walking into our classroom.

When we arrived in our classroom, we started the day with a bunch of 100 day inspired math bins that the kids loved. One activity was making trains with 100 unifex cubes.

Making a “train” with 100 Unifex cubes

 Another one the kids loved was a race to 100.

Race to 100!

 The rest of the day was filled with a Hershey kiss hunt, making a snack with 100 different items and much more.

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