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13 Jun, 2012. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

I give you all permission to call me out on this.

I *just* created a web page for my class.

Is that terrible that I just discovered how simple it is to create an interactive website for not only your parents but also your students to use??

In case you are like me and do not have a classroom web page just yet, let me introduce you to my new best friend: www.wix.com

Talk about easy?! It’s so user friendly and fun to use! If you have not tried it, it is FREE and it did not take me long to create a workable and cute! web page.

I love it. If you want to look at it mine click here! I love that you can insert your own pictures and create tabs and links that are easy to use.

I think this will be so great for parent communication!!

On the same note of creating a more tech-savy classroom for next year, I have been hunting Craigslist to find Nano iPods for cheap and guess what?? I have already bought two for just $30 (each)!! I am so excited. Hello new listening center!! I am so excited to introduce it to my firsties. I am sure they are going to go wild over it!!

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