Shape Monster Glyphs!
2 Sep, 2012. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith
In Math this past week we have gone crazy for shapes. 
We are OBSESSED with this song:
We also have been talking about bar graphs and pictographs. So, I busted out a shape monster math glyph to end our day. 
We started by answering a variety of questions using different formats. This was a great quick way to review tally marks, bar graphs, pictographs, color words and comparing numbers!!

We then read and followed the rules as to how to create our Monster Glyphs. 
They were: 
If you are a boy, take a rectangle mouth.
If you are a girl, take a semi circle mouth.
How old are you? Take that many pieces of hair.
What is your favorite shape? Choose that for the body.
What is your favorite color? Make sure your shape is that color. 
Did you choose a triangle? Then you need to take 3 eyes.
Did you choose a rectangle? Then you need to take 5 eyes. 
Did you choose a square? Then you need to take 4 eyes. 
Take 2 black legs. 
I taught my kids how to fold their legs and how to glue them on the back of their shapes to make it look cool. (Honestly, I am just anal and I think it looks better that way!)
My class LOVED putting these monsters together.

In fact, they enjoyed it so much that when I polled the class at the end of the day, they all agreed that this was their favorite part of the day!

Our Monsters are now proudly displayed in our hallway! 

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