Getting ready for a week of owls!
20 Oct, 2012. 3 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

Coffee in hand? Check

Lamination all over my bedroom floor? Check
Prepping for a new week of fun and exciting activities for my first grade class? Check! 
This week we are studying owls!! Owls are such interesting creatures and my first graders normally love studying them. I am excited to add a few new things this year to my unit and SUPER excited to dissect owl pellets on Friday. 
I took full advantage of my Scholastic points in September and bought a few readers to use during guided reading this week. Some of the titles that we will be using are:
If you haven’t checked out these titles, make sure you do! I love Gail Gibbon’s books and so do my students. We learn so much from them! You can get them at Barnes and Noble. (make sure to use your teacher discount!) 
This week we also will be using a few Reading A-Z books! 
We will be working on fluency and accuracy reading these books and use a few of the resources that Reading A-Z provides! 
During the month of October and November we are really trying to accomplish the points on this anchor chart. 
Very loosely this is what my lesson plans look like for this week:

I think it’s so important that when you teach a Science Unit that you begin to introduce science vocabulary. Because of this we really work on learning and using our science words in my classroom. In my owl packet there are a bunch of games that your students can play with owl vocabulary! 
One game is matching the vocabulary word to its definition. Here is a picture of some of the cards included.
You also could have your students quiz their friends, put the words in ABC order, or sort them by syllables! I display these cards on one of my pocket charts and use it as a center that my students can go to. They also use these words in their writing. 
This week we will also be working on reading words with ou and ow in them. In our phonics dance we have been chanting these chunks for a week and a half now and this will be a great opportunity for us to use them more! 
In the owl pack there is a literacy center where students can sort these words and then record them!
One of the math centers that we will be using will help us with our addition facts and also sorting by odd and even answers! 

As a reading extension to the book Owl Babies we will make this CUTE craft:

I found this at:

{If you like crafty things– GO HERE!! She has a really cute pumpkin patch that we are going to make during our pumpkin week!!!}
My first graders are going to LOVE this! 

We will continue to work on writing informative texts this week and also work on a really beautiful owl art project to go with them. I will post pictures as we are creating them. For now, here is a freebie to help your young writers!

Click on the pictures to get taken to the FREE Google document! 
These are totally inspired by my friend Lori over at Teaching with Love and Laughter.
Go pay her blog a visit– you will NOT be disappointed. She is such a talented and gifted teacher!

Well, my coffee is now cold so I need a refill! I hope that this helps you if you are also planning an owl week! Oh and I almost forgot! For this weekend only, if you want to pick up my owl unit, it’s on sale at TpT. πŸ™‚ 20% off!! Hurry and get your copy now! 


Enjoy your weekend!! 
Sight Word Freebie coming up tomorrow!!

  1. Just wanted you to know that you inspire me, too! Have fun during owl week!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Anonymous -

    thanks for sharing.


  • Just wanted you to know that you inspire me, too! Have fun during owl week!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  • Anonymous -

    thanks for sharing.

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