Dive in to some ocean fun! (Freebie!)
2 May, 2013. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

We are in LOVE with the ocean. We have been listening to this great playlist of songs that I just have to share with you. This one sounds so much like Jimmy Buffet it’s great! (we sang it at least 5 times today.)

Another favorite is of course: 

Now I don’t know about you, but back in the day the lyrics were a little different. 😉 I really am in love with this version though. (and that dance moves my students came up with are PRICELESS!)

We also really enjoy this one:

My first graders are getting a kick out of the accent. 
Besides a lot of singing, we have also been working REALLY hard. 
We have been working on identifying the main idea and details in ocean passages. 

 We have been using my Ocean pack for these activities.  In Literacy Centers we have been matching  our vocabulary words to their definitions, putting ocean words in ABC order, and working on our Ocean books.  My guys have been really enjoying this.

 We also went crazy for shells! For one activity, each student received a bucket with shells in it. They were then given a bubble map and had to come up with $10 adjectives using their senses. We then wrote all about our shells.

 We also got to explore some real coral! They LOVED this. 

 In Math, we have been using my Life’s a Beach Math centers and have been all smiles. They really are enjoying this unit. (That makes this teacher VERY happy!)

Finally, we have been working on some “hard subtraction.” I introduced this using buckets of sea shells. (of course!) I also made a fun shell subtraction activity for my guys to use. I partnered my students up and gave each group a few subtraction cards and a bucket of shells. They then had to work on their work area mats and figure out the answers to their problems.

 After they figured out their problems, they filled out their recording page. 

If you would like this activity, you can get it HERE for free!! Just click on the recording page and you can download it! 

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