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Before I get into my visual plans, I have to tell y’all about my latest obsession. Here in Texas unfortunately it is still way too hot for me to think that it is fall. However, my Pinterest feed would tell me otherwise and for that, I am so very grateful.  Remember this pin that was floating around last year?

 I even posted it on my blog last year. This is the state I am in right now. Loving that all things pumpkin and apple are coming out and food that looks like this:
is being featured on my Pinterest feed. Here is the board I made JUST for Autumn themed foods. Mmmmmm. {Click here to follow it!}
So what did I find? What is my “new obsession”? This tea for my Keurig! 
It is OH SO GOOD and it smells like fall. {even though it doesn’t feel like fall!}
If you have a Keurig that takes K cups, try this one!! Brew a small cup because the reviews say it tastes better that way, and enjoy a cup of fall! 
{I may or may not have had two while writing this blog post…hehehe}
Okay now for my visual plans. This week we are going to work really hard on reading with proper phrasing, understanding what a verb is, and our target goal this week is Sequence of Events. 
To meet these goals, my class will study what a hurricane and a tornado is. {Since my class is very heavy in boys, I am sure they will LOVE this!}
Tomorrow we will read this book: 
and have this object lesson:
{Click on the picture to get taken to her blog! They posted a video of her adorable son doing this experiment!}
This will really help us build our Schema of EXTREME weather for the rest of the week. 
We will complete an art project to review cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. After a class discussion {which will be student lead} we will complete the art extension. For this, my students will write adjectives about clouds in the white cloud and then write weather words on the back of the rain drops. They then will water color the rain drops blue and we will hang the rain drops off the cloud after they have dried. I will hang these from my ceiling. If you would like this craft, just click on the pictures to get taken to it! 

{the clip art is from DJ Inkers!}
To help us write a Sequence of Events, we will write about a storm. For this my students will first illustrate a storm on a large white piece of construction paper. We will use our resources {picture books!} to help us add details to our drawings.

They then will write about it using this page. If you would like it, click on the picture to download it!

 In Math this week, we we will start to understand what a number sentence is. For this I am using my good friend Lyndsey’s pack. She has an incredible pack on helping kids visualize story problems that I know will really help my students this week.

 During Literacy Centers this week I will be working on a variety of skills with my different students. I love that my students can do these centers independently and really enjoy the meaningful activities. This allows me to meet with many small groups.
When my students finish their Literacy Centers, they go to their Literacy Binders that have a bunch of extension activities for them. {I will blog about this, soon!}
On Friday we will complete our tornado in a jar science experiment! I’m sure this class will LOVE it! 
I hope you have a great week! To download the Visual Plans, simply click on the picture of them to get taken to it! 
As usual, I am linking up with Deedee! Head over to her fabulous blog to read more visual plans! 

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  1. Kristen your Blogs are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing all your GREAT ideas!

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  • Kristen your Blogs are absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing all your GREAT ideas!

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