Monday, Monday…and a whole bunch of bat centers!
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Today my students walked in to a classroom set up ready for bat week. Our Scholastic readers (featuring bats) were on their desks and our bat poem was up. I also had displayed this blank anchor chart. My students hung up their backpacks and sat on the carpet excited to find out that yes, this week is BAT week. (There may have been a brief applause.) 
We then discussed what we knew about bats and what we wanted to learn about bats after reading a short Non Fiction book. 
During guided reading, my groups LOVED reading about bats and learning new science vocabulary. 
To start our vocabulary lesson, we learned what the words meant and worked together to match the words and the definitions. The we played a quick game. One student was the reader and the other two boys had to find the word that the reader was defining. 
 They LOVED this game! 
After the game, the boys picked their favorite words and recorded them. They also drew a picture to help them remember what each word meant. They loved matching the words to the picture cards! 
 Meanwhile during literacy centers, my other students were happily engaged in our bat themed centers. In this board game, my boys were working on reading our “special sounds” and had to race their bat playing piece to the end of the board. They got a kick out of watching out for the bat’s predators and getting sent back to the start. They even asked if they could play this game tomorrow. {SCORE!}
My students LOVED these centers and I am excited for more fun throughout the rest of the week. These bat activities are all found in my “A Week Of Bats” pack. 
This weekend I also changed out our writing center. We now have a few new activities. I found these removable (window) stickers at Target and thought that they would be great story starters for my students! I placed white boards in the bin and my students happily created scenes with the stickers and then wrote stories about their bats and spiders! (sorry about the weird shadows on this picture!)
I also added a “fall themed bucket” to inspire some fall stories. My students loved using these props as “inspiration” for their stories today! 
Our new math bins were a HUGE hit, too.  My students worked so hard at ordering sums this afternoon. For this center, they took out three fact cards and then needed to place them in order from the smallest to the largest based on their sums. 
They then recorded their sums on the recording sheet. They felt so smart! 
 Another favorite center today was determining true and false statements. My students worked together to determine if the number sentences were true of false. {They love it when the cards are “false.”)
They then completed the recording sheet. 
 The math chatter in the room during center time was fabulous today and I love how they were practicing a variety of skills at each center. {These math centers are from my Oct. pack of 24 common core aligned math bins.} 
One last thing that I changed out yesterday was my bookshelf in the back of my room. This is the home of our “black bin” (the place where my students turn in all their papers) and also our math manipulatives. I decided on Sunday that I wanted to add a shelf for word work activities and utilized the bottom shelf to do just that. 
Now the second shelf houses all of our math extension pieces (activities that students can use when they finish with something early) and the bottom shelf is full of our word work choices for the week. 
This week my students can go into their pencil box to get the sight words that they are working on and make their words with our tools. 
This week they can use: magnets, acorns (in the cup), leaves (in the green bin), pumpkins (in the blue bin), or letter tiles. There is a word sort in the bat bag that my students can complete and there are also word work activities in the paper display behind the bat bag. {I found these plastic manipulatives at Target!} 
 I like that this gives my students a variety of options but not too many that my students get overwhelmed and forget the expectations of each activity. 
I hope that you had a great Monday, too!! 

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  1. WOW!!!!! Loving this post! Such wonderful ideas!

  2. Love seeing your class in action! What a bunch of cuties!!!! Hopefully you won’t run into any bats this weekend!!! #bigspiders
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

  3. Looks like so much fun!
    First Grade Blue Skies


  • WOW!!!!! Loving this post! Such wonderful ideas!

  • Love seeing your class in action! What a bunch of cuties!!!! Hopefully you won’t run into any bats this weekend!!! #bigspiders
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

  • Looks like so much fun!
    First Grade Blue Skies

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