Our new favorite SPRING Science experiment {on matter!}
22 Mar, 2014. 1 Comment. . Posted By: Kristen Smith
This week we revisited what matter is. In December, I introduced this concept with a fun science activity. {you can read about that here} And this week, we were able to dig a little bit deeper in our understanding. 
We read a few picture books to help solidify our knowledge. We really enjoyed these books from Amazon.

And then on Friday, we put all that we had learned together with what has to be one of my favorite science experiments: homemade bubbles! 
To do this, my class and I went outside to the courtyard and brought out all of our supplies. I grabbed the garden hose and split my class into three groups. Each group was given all of their supplies and worked together to measure the correct amount of ingredients. This was a great activity for team building, working together, and measuring! 
 Each group completed their task independently.
 They brainstormed how they could have one person be the holder of the measuring spoon, and another person could be the pourer. {Such great words and teamwork were displayed during this activity!!}
Then, once the mixtures were completed, I passed out bubble wands, set up bubble stations and filled the kiddie pools with their bubble mixtures. They LOVED making the bubbles!! 
 There was so much laughter, team work, collaboration, investigation, and FUN going on as we played with our bubbles! 
 They were able to create some AMAZING bubbles! 
When their cups ran out of bubble mixture, they just went and refilled it from the bubble station. 
 I love how they explored the different tools to see how they could create HUGE bubbles. 
 It seriously was the BEST science experiment. 
After we cleaned up, we came inside and debriefed about what we had done. We talked about how when we make bubbles, we create something that has two forms of matter in it. My students were able to tell me that there was liquid and gas in the bubbles we made. We had a really great discussion about molecules and matter during our debrief! 
Then we read this science explanation that I wrote up. They were so engaged and eager to learn more and more about matter and bubbles. 
If you would like to do this science experiment with your students, it is available in my Science For All Seasons: Spring Edition pack along with step by step picture directions and activity pages for TONS of Spring themed science experiments. you can grab it by clicking on the cover below! 

I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂
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One Comment
  1. So fun! I have always loved bubbles!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

1 Comment

  • So fun! I have always loved bubbles!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

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