3rd Annual Camping Day!
4 May, 2014. 2 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

It has become a tradition at my school that every year, around this time, I host a camping day for the first graders. It is something that the students look forward to and a day full of fun outside. This year was no exception. The students had a blast!

To have a successful camping day, I enlist the help of my parents. They provide us with the food, and tents and help me set it all up and tear it all down. Around 7:15am, we started setting up our campsite. This year we had 7 tents! By 7:55 the campsite was ready for the kids to enter it!

Here’s a peek at what half of the campsite looked like! 

Our camping day consists of many fun activities. The kids get to read to buddies inside the tents, go on a bug hunt, go on a scavenger hunt, make ants on a log (for their morning snack), and make ice cold, homemade lemonade. Our last few units of study have been plants and insects and this day really helps culminate those two units!

For the morning of camping day, we set up three rotations. We had the kids reading and writing in their tents, making lemonade, and making ants on a log.  
At the lemonade station, we juiced 40 lemons to make some deliciously tart lemonade. 
 The kids worked in partners to juice their lemons! 
This is the juice that 40 lemons produced! {You would not believe how sour it was! We added nearly a whole POUND of sugar to get it sweet enough to drink! However, the kids LOVED it!}
Meanwhile, in the tents, the kids were having a blast reading and writing.

After the first set of rotations, we had the students go on a massive bug hunt! They took off looking for as many bugs as they could find! 
A bug has been spotted!!! 
 It was really fun to watch them hunt for bugs, find them, and then hear them talk with their friends about the bugs that they had found! 
After the bug hunt it was time for specials, lunch, and recess. 
In the afternoon, kindergarten joined us for a really fun nature scavenger hunt. The hunt combined reading clues and finding the correct objects. It was a blast to have the kinders come join us in the fun! We buddied up a first grader with each kinder student and sent them off to find all their objects. It was a great opportunity for the first graders to be role models and to work with a younger partner. 
 After the hunt we enjoyed a healthy snack of blueberries, strawberries, and a clementine. After the kids had finished their snack, they went into their tents and began to roll up their sleeping bags as parents came early to help use tear down the campsite. {Having the parents come early to help in the clean up was life-saving! As we cleaned up the picnic area, parents got the tents down before school was even over!}
It sure was a FUN day!! We are down to 18 days left of school! 4 of those days are half days, and one of those days is a field trip! It’s crazy how quickly it’s all winding down! Next week we will be studying the ocean! I’m excited to introduce this new unit! I’m sure my students will LOVE it! 

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  1. Amazing! Simply amazing!

  2. They look like they had a blast. Love this idea and love that your parents are willing to help you make it possible for the kids 🙂


  • Amazing! Simply amazing!

  • They look like they had a blast. Love this idea and love that your parents are willing to help you make it possible for the kids 🙂

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