Wrapping up October, in comes November
5 Nov, 2014. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

Can you believe that it is already November? I certainly can’t! Last week we were fully immersed in all things PUMPKIN! We had so much fun labeling, describing, reading about, and learning with pumpkins. As a brief recap, here is some of the fun that we had!

First of all, we discovered how to properly label a pumpkin.

Parts of a pumpkin

I ran into one of my students after school and she was teaching her mom all about the proper terms to use when describing a pumpkin– it was SO sweet!

We used pumpkins in all of our math activities last week too!

First of all, we practiced measuring with pumpkins. My students each took turns using mini pumpkins to measure each other. This was a favorite activity amongst my students. They loved getting to measure their friends as well as taking turns being measured!

using pumpkins to help with non-standard units of measurement

Next, we dug into a pumpkin and used it to its fullest potential! We practiced ESTIMATING by using “good guesses” in guessing how many seeds were in the pumpkins; we practiced counting when we scooped out and counted the seeds, and we practiced counting by 10s when we determined that there were A LOT of seeds in the pumpkins.

using pumpkins in your kindergarten classroom

My students worked together to put the pumpkin seeds into groups of tens. We then counted them carefully. My students were shocked that there were SO many seeds in a medium sized pumpkin!

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Finally we became mathematicians and learned  how to find the circumference of a pumpkin and how to measure and weigh pumpkins.

pictures for my blog-edits .092

pumpkin math

pumpkin mathMy students LOVED these activities and learned so much through the hands-on math practice.

We are now LOVING learning all about Thanksgiving! I will blog again soon about the fun that we are having! 🙂 I hope that November started well for you and your students!

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