Kindergarten Winter Math Centers
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kindergarten math centersI don’t know about you but I love teaching math. When I was a kid, math was NOT my favorite subject. However, now that I am teaching it, I love creating games that will help my students practice the skills that we need to master in fun, tangible, hands-on ways. Over the course of the next month, my kindergarteners will be working on solving addition problems, counting by 10s, extending patterns, mastering their teen numbers, developing their number sense with numbers to 24, and making, naming, and creating 2D shapes.

In order to make these skills come to life for my students, I created a set of math centers that they have been loving!

To help my students who are mastering their teen numbers, I created a “Catching Snowflake Center.” My students are LOVING this. I bought some tri-beads to use as snowflakes and used Melonheadz’ cute catching snowflake kids. To play, my students placed the cards in number order and then added the correct amount of snowflakes for each number. This was great for my students who still need a little TLC with their number sense when it comes to teen numbers.

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To practice counting by 10s, I created a board game where my students have to race to the number 100. To do this, they need to spin the spinner to move their game piece on the game board. In order to move, they must spin their numbers in the counting by tens progression. First they need to spin a 10, then a 20, then a 30. Each time the successfully spin the spinner, they get to move up on the game board. My students were BEGGING to play this game when I revealed it. They squeals of excitement were precious and I loved that they were using such great math talk throughout playing the game.

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We are REALLY pushing addition right now and therefore I created MANY different games to help my students with this skill. We currently are practicing addition in a variety of ways. I taught my students how to use different strategies to solve their math problems. They know that they can use maniupulatives, their fingers, tally marks, ten frames, counters, drawing pictures, and mental math. In all of my addition centers I let my students use their favorite strategy; however, they must prove their answer to the friend that they are playing with. In adding this additional step, it encourages my students to explain to their friend HOW they got their answer. This helps solidify the skill in their mind. When a student can teach a friend how they did something, it not only helps their friend, but it also makes the work more meaningful to the student who is the “teacher.”

One of my students’ favorite addition centers has been making snowmen puzzles. They have done a great job working together to find the correct sums!

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While my students have been working on these centers independently, I have been working with my students in guided math to solidify their number skills. We have been using the numbers 1-30 and have been creating these numbers with number sentences, tally marks, base ten blocks, and ten frames.

To make this interactive, my students first picked out a number from our pile and then spun the spinner to see how they would create the number.

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If they spun “number sentences” they first took out the correct number of snap cubes. Next, they divided the pile into two groups and made towers with those blocks. They then created the number sentence that created their number.

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If they spun “tally marks” they carefully made the correct number of tally marks on their white boards.

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If they spun “ten frame” my students used snap cubes to fill them in correctly. As an extension, they also created number sentences if they finished filling up their ten frames before their other friends.

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These activities were really great because it met the needs of my students right where they were at. This little one spun “number sentences” and blew me away!

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I hope that you are having a great week!

(All of these centers can be found in my January Math Bins packet. Click HERE to get taken to it!)

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