Peter Rabbit helps with teen numbers!
30 Mar, 2015. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Kristen Smith

If you are anything like me, there are certain picture books that stand out as your absolute favorite childhood stories. I distinctly remember reading and listening to so many books as a child and they truly shaped who I am as a person and more so who I am as a teacher. Easter always makes me think of Peter Rabbit. I adored this story as a child and still do today!

I read this book to my class last week and used good old Peter in many of my centers last week! My students loved the story as much as I did and had a blast playing “Peter Rabbit” in the classroom.

In Math we have really been working on our teen numbers. To help my students practice using their teen numbers, I created a center using carrots and Peter Rabbit.

I placed all the number carrots into a “sensory bin” (a cute container from Target filled with black beans).

Hands-on kindergarten lessons-15

Then, during my guided math groups, my students would take out all the carrots and tell their friends what number they pulled out.

Hands-on kindergarten lessons

They carefully laid them on the floor in counting order.

Hands-on kindergarten lessons-2

Once all the carrots were pulled out of the container (and placed in order), I had my students take turns being “Peter Rabbit.” To do this, one student would silently creep into Mr. McGregor’s garden (the carrots) and “steal” one carrot while everyone’s eyes were closed.

Hands-on kindergarten lessons-5

The other students would then open their eyes and determine what number was missing!

Hands-on kindergarten lessons-4

If they got it right, then they got to be Peter! They ADORED this game and it really helped them practice using their teen numbers!

Such a simple way to practice this concept!

(This center is found in my April Kindergarten Math bins. You can purchase it, and many other games, HERE.)

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