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A Day In First Grade

This past week has been a whirlwind! Not only did I present during our staff’s inservice week, but the week culminated with our “Meet The Teacher” day.  I posted a few pictures on instagram that people wanted more information on, so I hope this post helps you as you are getting your classrooms ready for the first day of school and your own meet the teacher times.

Our school has parents sign up for 15 minute time spots where they and their child can come and check out the classroom and chat with their new teacher. For this time, I leave out open ended activities for the students and siblings that come in and prepare a packet for the parents.

A Day In First Grade-5

A Day In First Grade-6

As the students and siblings play, I observe tools that they are drawn to. I also have them write their names on a dry erase board and take their picture.

meet the teacher

I use these pictures as the cover pages for each student’s portfolio. Every week I add writing samples, art work, and pictures to these binders. At the end of the year, they provide a great snapshot of their learning throughout our year in kindergarten!


As my new students play, I walk my new parents through their, “Welcome To Kindergarten Packet.” In the packet I include the ABC’s of kindergarten, a note about using Scholastic, information on our first homework assignment (I’ll blog about that next week!), items to donate to our classroom, and a few other pages with important information. (I’m sorry, this is not editable nor available in my store. I am posting it to give you an idea of what I included in mine. Sorry!)

Back to School Letter.002 Back to School Letter.003 Back to School Letter.004

After I walk the parents through their packet and answer questions, it’s usually time for my next appointment!

As my students leave, I give them a small gift. (These were made by The Bubbly Blonde)

A Day In First Grade-2

I also give each parent a small gift. (This is a small tissue pack with a really sweet poem!)(These were made by Vickie Plant)

A Day In First Grade-3

Next week is our first week of school! I can’t wait to get to know my new group of students and look forward to MANY fun activities!!

I hope that you are doing well!

  1. Reagan -

    Love the portfolios! The sweet tissue boxes would be so touching for the parents! Great idea!


  • Reagan -

    Love the portfolios! The sweet tissue boxes would be so touching for the parents! Great idea!

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