What have we been up to during Guided Math?
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I must say, I am so very grateful that I created a year’s worth of guided math plans this past summer. It has made planning such a breeze and has truly worked wonders in my kindergarten classroom. This past week my students were working on comparing numbers. To do this, I introduce, what I affectionately refer to as my math shark. To see how I introduce this concept whole group, check out this blog post from a few years ago:

“The Math Shark”


During guided reading, we practiced using the math shark with a hands-on activity.

First my students rolled a die twice and wrote the numbers that they rolled on our table. They took turns drawing the greater than, less than, and equal to symbol on the table. (Note the teeth they add to the symbol…)

A Day In First Grade-24

Next, I gave each student a piece of blue construction paper and their own die. They rolled it twice and wrote each number on the bottom of their page.  They then glued the correct number of goldfish on each side of their paper, and placed the math shark facing the greater number of fish.

A Day In First Grade-14 A Day In First Grade-16 A Day In First Grade-13

After they finished gluing, they colored in their math shark!

A Day In First Grade-22

This was a fun and easy way to practice this sometimes difficult concept!

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