Using informational texts during guided reading in kindergarten
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guided reading with informational texts

We have been working so very hard during guided reading these last few months. My students are doing such a great job at decoding words, using text features, and learning their sight words. Using informational texts during our guided reading groups has helped so much. As is true with most five year olds, my students love to learn about the world around them. They ask incredible questions about the topics we are studying and I wanted to incorporate their interests and inquiries into our guided reading groups. Therefore, I created a new series called, “Guided Reading Texts And Activities For Kindergarteners” It focuses entirely on Informational Texts and includes three levels for each topic as well as phonics games, activities, writing extensions, anchor chart pieces, and center opportunities.

Informational text features-- anchor chart

We created an anchor chart to help us remember the text features we are using when reading informational texts.

Each time we learn a new feature, my students work in groups to find examples of the text feature we are learning about.

have students look for text features using non-fiction texts from your classroom library

have students look for text features using non-fiction texts from your classroom library

During our guided reading times, my students are SO engaged. To start each lesson, we use the sight word cards that go with each book to review our sight words and then play the phonics game that goes with the book.

games for guided reading (kindergarten)

Then we work on our fluency reading the text for the week. My students love reading books that are aligned with their interests and are at just the right level for them!

Informational texts make guided reading in kindergarten a breeze. My kinders LOVE these texts. I love that the lesson plans are fully written out! Informational texts make guided reading in kindergarten a breeze. My kinders LOVE these texts. I love that the lesson plans are fully written out!

After we have read the book (a few times), we then work on the extension activities that comes with each text. Sometimes it is writing, other times it is a craft, and other times it is an activity.

a kindergarten student responds to an informational text

When reading the text on frogs, my students labeled and drew each stage of the life cycle on post it notes and then wrote a sentence for each stage.

guided reading activity- orally explaining the life cycle of a frog to build schema before reading a text on the frog's life cycle

kindergarten students illustrated and labeled each stage of a frog's life cycle after reading a text on it during guided reading

The pack for May is now available!

informational texts for kindergarteners- texts for May

 It includes texts on:

-Life in a tide pool



-The Rainforest

I can’t wait to dive into these texts with my students!

To give you a closer look at what is included in the pack, I thought it might be helpful to show you how I organize the materials included in it.

The first thing that I do when I prep a packet like this is laminate all the pages that need to be laminated. I also bind all of the texts using my binding machine. (Other times I simply staple them together!) Then I sort the laminated pages into two piles: I need to cut these/I don’t need to cut these!
prepping informational texts for kindergarteners

Then, I start cutting. Much like Rachel Ray keeps a “garbage bowl” on her counter when she cooks to throw the trash into, I keep a bucket or a bin in close range so that I can throw all the excess pieces into it.

informational texts for kindergarteners- sight word cards

 This makes clean up a breeze!

Tip- when prepping centers, use a "trash bucket" to hold all of the excess pieces. Then simply empty it when you are finished cutting!

As I finish cutting out the centers, I place them into Ziplock (sandwich) baggies that I label with a Sharpie.

informational texts for kindergarteners-- activity cards

After everything is cut out and organized, I place all the pieces in an accordion organization device.

how to organize informational texts for guided reading

how to organize informational texts for guided reading

Each text has its own two sections. One section holds the books, the second section holds all of the games and lesson plans for the week. This makes it super simple for when I need to grab the materials for a guided reading group!

informational texts for kindergarteners

informational texts for kindergarteners

My students love reading these texts and they are becoming fabulous readers! I know that your students will love them too. Not to mention, every text comes with fully written out lesson plans for you! Simply prep and teach.

The May pack is in sale for two days only! (April 24-25, 2016) It is marked down 20%.

Here is the link to the pack!

If you are interested in my previous units, I have a unit for February and one for March available in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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