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All About Space: a Preschool and Kindergarten pack


Product Description

All About Space will help your preschool or kindergarten students learn, understand, and practice using the science terms used when talking about space. It also will provide you with resources to make your unit come to life. By integrating science and nonfiction into your language lessons, you not only create an enthusiasm in your students, but you can create the “hook” you need to engage even the most reluctant learners.

This packet includes many guided reading resources including: student readers, magazines, projectable books, emergent readers, and MORE! The activities are differentiated so that all of your learners can enjoy learning about Space throughout your unit of study. It also includes: student vocabulary books, center activities, real life pictures, recording pages, fully written out 5-E lesson plans, science experiments and activities and more!

Students will learn and use these vocabulary words:

Rocket Ship
Star Trail
Milky Way

Each word has a vocabulary card (with a real life picture). My students love being able to make real life connections from looking at the high quality photographs.

Through a series of lessons, students are presented with the following hands-on lessons:

1. Students will learn the difference between night and day
2. Students will learn what is in outer space
3. Students will study astronauts
4. Students will learn about stars
5. Students will explore “space”

1. Day or Night?
2. What is in outer space?
3. What is an astronaut’s job?
4. What is the International Space Station?
5. What is a star?
6. What is a constellation?
7. What is a galaxy?
8. What are the inner planets?
9. What are the outer planets?
10. Culmination

All lessons are presented in the 5-E format. (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) They are written out step by step! Each lesson also comes with beautiful pictures to help your children understand the objectives in a hands-on way. Many of the lessons also contain links to videos and resources to use while teaching the lesson!

Your students will LOVE these lessons.

Download the preview to get a closer look at this packet!


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