All About Worms



All About Worms will help students learn, understand, and practice using the science terms used when talking about worms. It also will provide you with resources to make your unit on worms come to life. {I use these resources to help integrate science into my language lessons which keeps my students engaged and eager to learn.}

This packet includes: student readers, student magazines, student vocabulary books, center activities, real life pictures of worms, recording pages, and more!

Students will learn and use these vocabulary words:


Each word has a vocabulary card (with a real life picture). Many of the words even come with an 8×11.5 size poster to help you during your close reading lessons. There are also multiple real life pictures that students can match their vocabulary words to.

There are multiple brain maps included in this packet as well as many different games that you can play with your students to help them learn about worms.

Literacy Centers include: Cover a letter, Hungry worms (beginning sounds game), noun and verb sort, short vowel word sort, real and nonsense word sort, and a poem activity.

Math Centers include: Cover a number, a worm graphing activity, a worm measuring activity, ordering worm sums, a worm game of addition “war.”

Science activities include: taste testing gummy worms, measuring REAL worms, “Do I burrow?”– a picture sort activity, how to make a worm hotel and many observation pages for your students to use while observing worms using their 5 senses. (5 if you include tasting gummy worms!)

It also includes many recording pages. This packet includes multiple resources for you to use in your guided reading groups. I have included 3 magazines about different topics, two emergent readers, and more.

There are MANY pages and resources included in this packet that are geared for kindergarten students as well as first graders. This will allow you to differentiate easily!

This packet is great for anchor charts, pocket charts, bulletin boards, centers, and word work activities. You can also put the words on your word walls!

Help your students LOVE learning about worms! They will love the readers, activities, and materials provided.


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