Help Me Sound It Out- {small group games that help with blends and digraphs}



Students come into our classrooms from many different backgrounds. They also come to us at many different levels. For this reason, it is essential to differentiate our instruction. Teaching small groups is a great way to help all the students in your classroom.

This packet is full of fun games that you can use during your small group times. Not only does this packet provide you with resources to use with your students, it also helps you plan for your groups easily! It includes a variety of resources to help your students master reading and recognizing blends and digraphs in words.

The blends and digraphs included in this pack are:
L blends
bl, cl, fl, pl, sl
R blends
br, cr, dr, fr, pr, gr, wr, tr, str
S family
sk, sm, sn, sw, sp, st, sc
sh, ch, wh, tch, ck, ph, th

This packet includes large and small sound cards (that use “real life pictures” for children to see), guided reading games and activities, center extensions, mini books for each blend, and printables.

This packet will help you meet your learners where they are and give you games that you can play with your students to help them solidify their skills and become life-long readers!

Games include:
-Listening for sounds
– Rhymes
-Beginning Sounds
-Ending Sounds
-Medial Sounds
-Oral Blending
-Special Sound Bingo
– Making Words
-Linking Sounds to Spelling
-Word Sorts
… and more!

Students will enjoy these activities and it will help you plan your small group times!

The packet also includes multiple pages to help you with your planning, assessing, and with homework extensions.

{This packet meets many of the kindergarten and first grade reading foundational skill standards in a fun, hands-on, and tactile way. }


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