I Can Be A Pal– building your classroom community




This packet is designed to help you successfully build a community of children who genuinely care for one another. It teaches students how to be a good friend and how to accept other students. It includes many different activities that you can use in your classroom at any time of the year.

Included in this pack you will find whole group games that you can play with your students to help build your classroom community such as:

*The Line
*What Am I?
*My Opinion
*Would You Rather
*4 Corners

All of these games encourage students to be a good friend and how to talk and listen to their friends. These games are designed to help students share their opinions in a safe environment.

There are also lessons to go with picture books, activities that your students can play in small groups, worksheets and more!

Take a peak at the preview to see more of what is included in this pack. I am sure you will love it and that it will help you build that community in your classroom.


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