Sound and Light
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Light and Sound


Product Description

“Light and Sound” will help your preschool or kindergarten students learn, understand, and practice using the science terms used when talking about light and sound. It also will provide you with resources to make your unit come to life. This unit is packed with hands-on lessons to help your students explore and understand the concepts of light and sound!

This unit contains posters, nomenclature cards, engaging activities, real life pictures, recording pages, interactive notebook pages, fully written out 5-E lesson plans, science activities/experiments, student-led investigations, and more!

Students will learn and use these vocabulary words:
energy, vibration, light energy, light source, artificial light, natural light, shadow, prism, opaque, translucent, transparent, sound, volume, pitch, strike, blow, shake, rub, strum

Through a series of lessons, students are presented with the following hands-on lessons:
1a. Sight
1b. Can you see in the dark?(We use our sense of sight to see light.)
2. What is a light source?
3. What is light made up of?
4. Exploring light and shadows
Extra) Colorful Shadows

1. Sound (I use my sense of hearing to hear sounds.)
2. How do instruments make sound?
3. How do instruments make sound?
{Part 2}
4. Creating recycled instruments
5. Exploring volume- loud and soft
6. Sounds Outside

All lessons are presented in the 5-E format. (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) They are written out step by step! Each lesson also comes with beautiful pictures to help your children understand the objectives in a hands-on way. Many of the lessons also contain links to videos and resources to use while teaching the lesson!

Your students will LOVE these lessons.

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