This is OUR World: a Preschool and Kindergarten pack



This is OUR world is a new spin on a very familiar unit. Standards dictate that students in kindergarten (and preschool) need to have an understanding of the world that they live in.

However, this scope and sequence is very different to the ones that are typically being taught in schools today. In most schools these lessons progress outward. They start at the child and then work their way out encouraging the mindset to children that they are the key element throughout the entire unit. However, this progression takes the approach that we are all one and that we depend on each other. It teaches children that there is something bigger than themselves and that they can learn a lot from others. This is a very different mindset. However, this will change the way that children relate to each other in your classroom. Teach them that you are all a community and that you need one another. Teach them to love and take care of the people in their lives and encourage them to explore the world they live in.

Through a series of 12 lessons, students are presented with the following hands-on lessons:

Lesson One starts BIG: WE live on the Earth
Lesson Two: The Earth is made up of land, air, and water
Lesson Three: There are 7 continents on Earth
Lesson Four: We live on the continent called North America (insert your continent)
Lesson Five: We live in a country on the continent of North America
Lesson Six: We live in a state in our country
Lesson Seven: We live in a town in our state
Lesson Eight: Our school
Lesson Nine: The street you live on
Lesson Ten: This is my home
Lesson Eleven: This is me! I can be a pal!
Lesson Twelve: This is how we all work together

All lessons are presented in the 5-E format. (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) They are written out step by step and come with a materials list so you will be ready for every lesson!

Each lesson also comes with beautiful pictures to help your children understand a difficult to understand topic and a hands-on way to learn the lesson. Many of the lessons also contain links to videos and resources to use while teaching the lesson!

Your students will LOVE these lessons. They will build schema and vocabulary for the rest of your science and social studies units throughout the year. By the end of the unit, your students will be familiar with the following vocabulary words:

The Earth, the solar system, family, apartment, school, city, town, street, house, friends, map, neighborhood, globe, land, air, water, community, culture, all 7 continents, and more!

Download the picture gallery to get a closer look at this packet!


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