Art Matters– Exploring the work of Henri Matisse with young learners.
16 Sep, 2017. 1 Comment. Posted By: Kristen Smith
 Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope that everyone's year is off to a fantastic start and that you are starting to find your groove.…
Crayola inspired PBL in kindergarten! (Goodbye Dandelion!)
1 Apr, 2017. 3 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
Have y'all heard that Crayola is retiring a crayon from their box of 24 crayons? When I heard this news, I thought that this…
Incorporating Reggio methods in a “traditional” school setting
3 Jun, 2016. 27 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
The Reggio-style of teaching has truly captivated my heart. Over the past year I have tried to implement many  "Reggio" methods into my…
Art Matters In Our Kindergarten Classroom
4 Oct, 2015. 2 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
Art is a great way to help your students develop language skills, strengthen their fine motor muscles, develop their sense of self, and explore…
Volcanoes! {best day ever!!!}
5 Apr, 2014. 12 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
Today was "volcano day" in my classroom. It was SUCH a great way to end our study of landforms!  Oh my goodness, I…