Beginning Of The Year Literacy Centers And Activities
28 Jul, 2016. 2 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
 The beginning of kindergarten is such a fun time. Ok, honestly, if I wrote this post at the end of May when our…
Guided Math In Kindergarten
21 Jun, 2016. 11 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
Last summer I was tasked by my school to write a guided math curriculum for both kindergarteners and first grade students. These curriculums…
Exploring Three Dimensional Shapes In Kindergarten
24 Jan, 2016. 4 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
For the last 2 weeks my kindergarten students have been really digging deep to recognize, name, and define three dimensional shapes. To do…
Teaching Kindergarteners to “Make 5”
12 Dec, 2015. 3 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
The past week during guided math we have been diligently working on "making 5." To do this, we have played many games. The…
Letting go and watching them soar
19 Sep, 2015. 14 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
We are currently on our 22nd day of school. For the past few weeks, we have been hard at work learning routines, procedures,…
A day in my classroom
4 Oct, 2014. 0 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
One thing that I love about reading blogs is getting to read and see a glimpse into classrooms all across the world. Since…
What is working in my classroom?
21 Sep, 2014. 1 Comment. Posted By: Kristen Smith
Changing grade levels is never an easy thing-- even if you've already taught the grade before! This year, as you know, I moved…
Back to School Literacy Fun! Freebies, songs, games and more!!
29 Aug, 2012. 6 Comments. Posted By: Kristen Smith
We have been working so hard in first grade trying to get back into the swing of things. We are reviewing our letter…